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Savage hydraulic presses have been known for over 50 years throughout industry for their rugged construction and durability. Each press is built with pride by our team of experienced craftsmen. This website illustrates a representative sample of the typical presses available. Each press is available in many sizes and capacities to 3,500 tons. Our applications engineers will review your requirements to assist you in determining the type and size of press best suited for your work.

Click HERE to see Savage Hydraulic Press' YouTube Page.

Below are the individual YouTube videos to Presses!

Horizontal Wheel Presses

Hybrid Press - Fixed Frame with Powered Barfeed - 1800 Ton

C-Frame Straightening Presses

H-Frame Straightening Press

Fixed Frame Straightening press with Manual Accessories - 300 Ton

Fixed Frame Straightening press - 300 Ton

Rectangular Bar Straightening Press - 500 Ton

Traveling Gantry Straightening Press with manual accessories - 100 Ton

Howitzer Cannon Barrel Tube Straightener Press - 1500 Ton

Traveling Gantry Straightening Press - 1000 Ton

Traveling Gantry Straightening Press - 50 ft long bed - 1000 ton model

Narrow Bed Traveling Gantry Straightening Press - 600 Ton Model