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Addition Manufacturing Technologies provides application solutions to the automotive, aerospace, and other tube manipulation markets around the world via regional offices and production facilities in Canada, China, France, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the United States (Ohio and California). The company’s extensive portfolio of products and services includes tube bending, end forming, measuring, and silencer making machines as well as tooling, fixtures and global after sales service and support.

Addition offers all-electric, hydraulic, and combination tube benders from 4mm to 220mm diameter which meets the levels of accuracy, repeatability, and ease of operation required by our customers across many industries.
We also provide a full array of bending machine tooling solutions for this range of tube diameters which includes single-stack or multi-stack multi-radius bend dies, with single or complex compounds, and consumables such as mandrel components and wiper inserts.

End Forming:
Addition endformers are the result of years of progressive experience with endforming machine design and customer input. We produce a complete line of tube endforming equipment for a variety of applications such as expanding and reducing, sizing, beading, flaring, doming, notching, parting, end trimming, and angle- and radius-cutting, many of them now with our Hydra-GREEN technology. Endforming machines built with the Hydra-GREEN option take advantage of hydraulic power without the constant noise, heat, and energy usage associated with traditional hydraulic power units. We also offer special machine configurations for specific endforming and cutoff applications.

Our founders originated the tube data center concept over 40 years ago and Addition continues to provide quality tube measurement systems today.

Tube Data Centers - Addition offers two models of Tube Data Center to meet our customers' most exacting needs, the Vector 1 Series 5 XL and the Laservision Optima XP. Both models incorporate Addition's patented non-contact laser probe for highly accurate tube, pipe and wire measurement and inspection.

Tube Fixtures - Addition's experienced design team has developed a unique and patented technology for manufacturing tube fixtures. Our specialized manufacturing process allows us to provide a large range of proven solutions to deliver accurate and robust tube fixtures, in short lead times, as proven by the more than 3,000 fixtures manufactured and in use around the world. These fixtures, which are custom designed for any application, can be used to check tube or wire, as well as to weld, cut or assemble components on tubes.

Silencer Making:
Addition offers a complete range of highly cost-effective work cell and individual product solutions designed to bring the highest possible standards to the production of muffler and catalytic converter components. The "Eagle" brand muffler machines are suitable for manual loading and unloading or fully automated with robotic transfers. Whatever the size or shape of your muffler requirements, with machining capabilities for muffler shells up to 600mm diameter, you can count on Addition to deliver.