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Pronic has become a worldleader for in die tapping solutions in each type of sheet metal.

PRONIC’s solutions for tapping include modules for: in-die tapping, as well as in-line tapping or if necessary, off-line tapping machines to use away from the press.

Since every tapping project is unique, PRONIC’s goal is to provide the best possible approach to your application. Our goals are to lower your production costs and also the investment costs for the life of your application.

PRONIC’s solutions for tapping are currently used in many different manufacturing sectors including:
•automotive (safety belts anchors, door latch and hinge components, seat brackets, window clips, accessory mountings, door impact beams and motor endcaps, ...),
•electrical (terminals, housings, ...),
•appliances (access lids, doors and hinges, leveling-pads and attachment
parts, ...).

PRONIC can offer simple tapping processes by offering unique approaches. Our PRONIC team of experts is at your service and can help you choose the best-possible solution. We can also design the integration of this tapping process and will be happy to answer all of your tapping questions.