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Metal Spinning is the process of forming metal to a pattern on a manual or automatic lathe, using hand-held tools on manual lathes and computer controlled rollers on automatic lathes. Our Leico and Autospin are fully automatic machines that spin, trim, and bead all in one process.

Most symmetrically round items can be made in this way. The process is very flexible and the range of products that can be produced is vast.

If you think that this process could be used to manufacture all or any part of your product range,
please contact us - our qualified staff is ready to assist you with any questions.
We specialize in the following:

* High accuracy spinning to meet exact tolerances and shapes.
* Full-range of diameters from 1/2” to 140”
* Capacities up to 1” thick.
* Secondary operation machining on spun parts.
* Hand spun parts or fully automatic CNC production runs.


Sometimes referred to as “fluid forming” or “rubber diaphragm forming”. Process developed to manufacture small to medium quantities of deep-drawn parts. Compliments other techniques of metal forming for example metal spinning, stamping, and fabrications.

* Low-cost, high accuracy production of deep drawn parts, especially for parts with asymmetrical or irregular contours. Attractive alternative for cost sensitive and low volume production.
* Maximum depth of 7”
* Maximum diameter of 12” for the drawn shapes.
* Prototype and developmental components or production qualities.


* Complete range of machining and welding facilities for in-house production design through finished product.
* MIG, TIG and spot welding.
* Brake forming, shearing, riveting and rolling.
* Spray painting, polishing, pressure testing and chemical immersion cleaning.
* State-of-the-art machining, tool and die making department staffed by skilled toolmakers for in-house design and production of dies, tools, jigs, and fixtures for weldments and assemblies.
* Full-range of lathes, grinders, milling and CNC equipment.
* Automatic seam welding to 6 length.

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