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We are Subject Matter Experts for In-Die Part Transfer and Automation.

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Jacar is dedicated to helping metal stamping professionals maximize production through small part material handling systems. Jacar’s revolutionary Micro Transfer™ System provides a new tooling alternative to progressive and large transfer dies. Our patented all new technology brings large part transfer capabilities to smaller part applications. A Micro Transfer’s™ will reduces material costs and tooling complexity while improving manufacturing processes and flexibility.

Micro Transfer™ systems are engineered to have a very small footprint as compared to older and much larger industrialized systems. Stamping companies using Jacar’s Micro Transfers have reduced material usage up to 45% and cut tooling costs as much as 25%. The compact size allows our customers to relocate tools from over burned large presses to smaller presses, and to dynamically change press utilization and burden rates.

Tool makers have saved money and eliminating problems found in progressive dies. As a result, the die build savings can create an instant return on investment.

Here is what customers found a Micro Transfer™ systems can eliminate:

● Problems associated with drawn or flange shapes.
● Burrs or sharp edges caused from pinch trimming.
● The use of nitrogen springs.
● Cut off and form stations.
● Expensive cam pierce, form and trimming stations.
● Costly secondary operations.

Micro Transfer™ is a registered Trade Mark of Jacar Systems LLC